Restorative Pilates

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- The aim of Restorative Pilates class at our beautiful Yogida studio in Warnham is to restore the body to correct alignment.

- Restorative Pilates promotes optimal movement, balance, strength, flexibility and assists in rehabilitation from injury or surgery.

- If you have back pain, shoulder impingement,  knee or ankle injury, hip replacement - Restorative Pilates class is for you. This class is suitable for beginners, as it offers slower pace, mindful movement, precision and control.

- During Restorative Pilates class you will be guided through some simple breathing techniques to help you relax and calm your system, find focus and tune into deep connective tissues and muscles.

- There is no age limit, everyone is welcome. Due to the capped low number of participants, special attention and required modification is offered in this slow pace, gentle class. 

- Restorative Pilates class starts with breath awareness, correct alignment, floor sequence and cool down followed by deep stretches and relaxation.

- *10 class pass is valid for 90 days. Show your booking confirmation at reception desk to receive member's card.