Organic Buckwheat Crescent-Shaped Yoga Cushion

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Organic buckwheat yoga cushion is designed to support posture in meditation, pranayama or yoga practice.

Crescent-shaped cushion is great for seated in crossed legged position due to its shape. We also use moon shape cushions to support knees or ankles in some yoga postures. Our yoga or Pilates students prefer to use moon cushion for a head support in supine position. Yoga block or a brick can work but usually works well with the blanket for this reason.

Yoga cushions are very versatile and widely used. If you're at home looking after your toddlers, sitting down directly on the floor may cause a backache. We heard from our clients that using moon shaped cushion helped them to improve on their posture while they are playing at home with their toddlers and no more backache.

What we love most about these cushions that they are filled with buckwheat hull that mould to adjust to individual body contours. 

Meditation cushion has a convenient carry handle. Removable zipped inner and outer covers. Inner-cover can be refilled.


  • Size: 45cm x 20cm x 7cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Made: EU