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3 treatments +  3 infrared sauna sessions =  £165
Our therapist Louise is very kindly offering to do a course of treatments to help keep your immune systems strong and healthy. This treatment is called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (or MLD for short).

This treatment will be paired with use of the infrared sauna to really purify your body of toxins, ensuring that your body is able to fight off illness at it's peak performance!

This is an extremely gentle treatment that involves very light hand movements to encourage your lymph fluid to travel back to your lymph nodes where it will be cleansed of toxins, bacteria and other unwanted substances.

This course of treatments & the sauna come as a package and will only be taking place on the following days:
  • Saturday 2nd January
  • Saturday 16th January
  • Saturday 30th December

Spaces are limited so book soon to ensure that you guarantee your slot!
If you are unsure of what the lymphatic system is, then Louise gave an excellent explanation in her recent blog post:

"The lymphatic system consists of your lymphatic vessels - capillaries, lymphatics, nodes and ducts also the spleen, thymus, tonsils, adenoids, appendix and Peyer’s patches (tissue found in the small intestine only).

Think of it as the security line at the airport where potentially dangerous and banned substances are removed from your luggage. Your lymphatic system acts as your immune surveillance via checkpoints while it does a background check removing waste from your blood cells - acting as your first line of defence combating infections."