ecoYoga Jute and Natural Rubber Mat 6mm

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The ecoYoga jute and natural rubber mat is entirely natural 'sticky' mat that provides excellent grip and great support.

This mat is made from plant-based ingredients, 100% natural rubber and jute weave.

The unique design and natural compounds makes ecoYoga mat practical, aesthetic and safe to practice yoga or any other mat based exercises.


  • Colour: Colour Free, Grey, Coral Red, Green, Deep Lavender
  • Size:  183cm x 64cm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Weight: 2kg


Use woven side up. Rubber and fabric mix is very strong and provides a good grip. 


A dry dusty mat will lose grip. Keep your ecoYoga mat fresh and clean by regularly wiping it down with a damp cloth.

For a full wash, soak or shower then roll into a towel to remove water excess and hang to dry.

You can also machine wash with a tiny drop of detergent on a cold non-spin cycle. Do not tumble dry.

Avoid cleaners for regular mats as generally they are made for plastic mats and may contain oil. 

100% natural rubber has a tendency to bloom which can appear on the surface as a mild white coating. Mix lukewarm water with a touch of household vinegar and wipe your mat.

Irregularities of the natural hessian with random nubs in the surface are not defects. These are normal and natural occurrences of natural jute fabric.


Natural rubber is sensitive to heat, UV-rays. Store out of heat and direct sunlight.