Delicious Cable Knit Roll Neck Cat Vest

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Delicious cable knit roll neck cat vest is a cosy hand knitted sweater with no sleeves and tall roll on neck. This type of cardigan is knitted with intention for hairless cats but, as you see in the pictures, is perfectly suited for straight coat Peterbald. When is cold, cats love teh sweaters. Dogs which are of the cat size can wear this sweater too. Check sizes below.  As the weather is getting colder your pet gets colder too. Sphynx cats have higher temperature but this doesn't help them to stay warm in cold and damp weather. Get one of these beautiful sweaters to keep your beloved pet cosy and warm all the times. TDelicious kable knit roll neck cat vest is stretchy and allows cat to move unrestricted. Three colour range will suit either a girl or a boy.


  • COLOUR: Beige, Brown, Green, Pink
  • MATERIAL: Acrylic 90%, Wool 10%
  • SIZE: One Size M - Neck 22cm, Chest 34cm, Waist 34cm, Length 30cm, Weight 3-5kg