108 Sun Salutations

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Yoga challenge for donation in aid for Warnham village playground

  • Date: Saturday, 7th March
  • Time: 14:00
  • Location: Bodywise Gym and Studios, 16 Church Street, Warnham, RH12 3QW

Curious to find out what it takes ?!

The only one way to find out is to join us for the challenge:

✅ 27 warm up salutations
✅ 27 intermediate
✅ 27 challenging and finally
✅ 27 warm down salutations

Each of 27 Sun Salutations will take roughly an hour to complete. Yes, you heard us right - 60 minutes!!! 

We'll take 10 minute rest in between to replenish energy stores and we'll continue with the next round of 27 until we finish all 4 rounds.

Sounds crazy?! It sure does!!! That's why it's called the CHALLENGE!

What's the deal with 108?
108 Sun Salutations is reserved for the change of the seasons. Number 108 is significant in many ways; for example, 108 sacred texts that are central to yoga, 108 prayer (mala) beads, 108 energy lines that connect to the heart and so on...

108 sounds like a lot!
108 Sun Salutations is definitely challenging, but we will be DOING THIS TOGETHER!

Supporting, inspiring and witnessing each others incredible drives and CELEBRATING TOGETHER!

We ask for a minimum donation of £10 but you will have other options available on the booking page. All raised money will be donated to support Warnham playground project.

Click on the button below to book and donate.

Team Bodywise