What to wear to yoga class?

So you have finally decided to join your local studio for your first yoga session. What to wear?! It depends on the type of class you have decided to join. If it is a slow pace yoga, you are not likely to sweat much. Also check if studio is well ventilated and has an air conditioning system. You may need to wear layers, while you move, you may find it quite pleasant and warm but as you go to savasana (relaxation) you may start feeling cold if you don't bring a jumper or a pair of socks. Hopefully your studio is equipped with blankets.

Tight or loose pants

Flexible and stretchy leggings are excellent for both women and men. Full length or capri, both are equally fine. Just when you are choosing your leggings, look for a little thicker material. If leggings are super thin, when you bend over it will become see through. Also look for the leggings with higher waist. I'm sure you have seen people bending over while they wear low waist jeans revealing their underwear. This will happen during yoga practice, if leggings are not designed for the purpose.

If this is your first yoga class, I highly advise to avoid baggy trousers. It will be difficult for your teacher to correct your alignment while you're hiding in your loose outfit. When you come to intermediate level, you can start experimenting with your style as you will have an understanding of what is comfortable and what supports you during your practice.

Why tight top is better than loose top

Same with the tops. Look for tight vests, tank tops. Avoid baggy and loose tops. Even slowest pace yoga will have some gentle inversions, for example downward facing dog. Your baggy top will not stay where you'd like it to be, revealing parts of your body you may not be too keen to expose. I can see students get distracted by this a lot, starting to tuck their tops into their trousers in a middle of asana (posture) instead on relaxing and focusing on alignment. Tight top will stay where it supposed to be.

Loose for advanced students

For advanced students, harem trousers is an excellent choice. Especially men. Much better than shorts. While wearing shorts seems to be the best option, sometimes teacher or a student behind you may see more than you think it is visible. If you are not a legging fan, harem pants for you. It will make you look cool too. They are very loose, airy and usually come in natural materials like linen that are pleasant for a skin.

Shoes or no shoes

No shoes, no socks. You will practice yoga barefoot. However if socks are necessary for you, look for special yoga socks that have a rubber grip. Socks are not comfortable, especially when performing standing asanas such as warrior sequence. Socks will ride, you will loose the grip and it will annoy you. But you can always have socks to put on for relaxation.

My personal favourite yoga outfit is a onesie jumpsuit as it moulds around the body nicely no tucking, no pulling, no more fidgeting. It moves along with the body without any unnecessary distractions.

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