What is Californian White Sage smudging?

First time I was introduced to Californian White Sage during yoga teacher training at Yandara, Mexico. The smell was new to me but so pleasant and relaxing, I had to have it.

Bought a pack while I was on a camp and was a little worried that I may get stopped at the customs as little bundles looked like ginormous joints. Luckily they were nicely packed and on this occasion I didn't need to open my suitcase.

I cannot imagine a class without smudging white sage. Okay, I do skip sometime just to bring some variety, but all the students that come to the class are in love with the smell of burning sage. It also has magical effect, everyone leaves class HAPPY:) or they are reluctant to leave which, I'll be honest, tickles my ego.

So what does the sage smudging do to us? It's been used as spiritual ceremony for thousands of years. Smudging changes the composition of air elements and when we inhale this air with the smoke of the sage, any negative emotion is cleansed or released.

It doesn't have to be used during meditation or yoga practice. I smudge the whole house when I feel that we bring too much negativity from the outside. Or I would do it if there is a tension between family members after an argument. Just couple of examples.

How to smudge Californian White Sage?

Oh it's simple. Place Californian White Sage bundle on heat proof surface. I use abalone shell. Light the tip of the bundle and hold until begins to smoke. If flame appears, dab sage bundle tip to the shell until embers and smokes.

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