What do you do when you feel 'depressed'?

How do you deal with sadness? More commonly we use the term 'depression'. On the phone to a friend, we tend to say, 'I feel so depressed today'. We don't say sad or upset when a number of different emotions are involved as to pinpoint a single trigger is really hard when we're overwhelmed.

So when you're feeling empty, sad, hopeless, scared, useIess, unattractive, not needed, rejected and so on... What do you do?

Me? I try my best to take a moment to stay in silence and to breathe. I exercise whether it would be running or weight lifting, something that is extremely challenging and puts my body through a different type of stress.

I seek human contact and join a yoga class (online classes are not part of self-therapy) where I am guided how to breathe, how to move and how to be kinder to myself and those around me. I feed from the positive energies around me. I call my friend, stroke a dog, read a book or listen to music very, very loud.

I didn't mention wine. Yeah, I think when I go through all the emotions as mentioned above wine just doesn't have a place. Wine serves more as a reward for hard work but the truth is that wine is the last on the list when I need to 'sort myself'.

What happens when these emotions return? In fact they do. Luckily at the different frequencies and not all return at the same time. Negative feedback, a silly mistake, bad news and suddenly I start feeling as if someone put a heavy load on my heart which needs to be pushed away.

I know there is no quick fix. I cannot take Nurofen and expect emotional pain to shift instantly like a headache. I know that time will make it better. But waiting is so painful. Then I open Google and type 'medication for depression' and the first search result that I see is 'Treatment for depression usually involves a combination of lifestyle changes, talking therapies and medicines.' 

I know that there is no magic pill, there is no quick fix and that I have to stick to my usual and accept that happiness cannot exist without sadness. 

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