How to abandon fear and anger?

Everything that surrounds us is in a form of waves and vibrations. Which means we're waves and vibrations, right?! Hence vibrations generated by fear or anger will be different from vibrations generated by courage or kindness.

So how do we abandon fear and anger? How do we act with courage and kindness? How to tap into those positive resources inside of us?

By focusing all our thoughts and energy into those positive attributes.

Easy to say 'focus' when there are so many negative distractions. Tell me if you're not afraid of getting infected with the virus or passing it on even if you feel perfectly healthy. By the way, this is for another discussion.

So how to get courageous and kind? Knowledge. We have been programmed over the last year not to think but to fear. We're blinded by fear with little courage left. Time to open our minds and become resourceful and selective. Only right knowledge can give courage, right connections can give courage. Making our own logical decisions can help us to find the courage.

When I teach yoga I remind the class that the space everyone is sharing is a safe space where there is no judgment.

And what's happening now? We're judging those who think differently without diving deeper into the science and the truth behind it.

Meditate. Take a moment to sit quietly and send some love to those you think could be wrong.

Develop kindness. So when in an active state - cultivate knowledge based on scientific evidence not drama, not scandals not the information that it is fed to us through fear and guilt. When in a passive state - dive deep within you and listen to your heart and send love to those you dislike and think to be wrong.

Just think of all the people that are on your black list and send them love even if you don't feel like it. Subconscious mind doesn't know what is true.

And guess what?! More we focus on positives, in this case on being courageous and kind, more positive vibrations we generate and more positive things we attract into your lives. More courageous and kind people surround us.

Lets start re-rooting the focus towards courage and kindness and see for ourselves whether it is true.

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