About ecoYoga natural yoga mat

Millions of people across the globe practice yoga, Pilates or any other form of exercise. When decision is made to embark on fitness journey, it is important to start with the right mindset, support team, right environment and the tools.

Let's say, you have had motivation and with like-minded buddy you have joined fully equipped studio with an amazing teacher. Great start! Now, you need a bit of commitment, right outfit and, of course, an exercise mat that you can take on your journey together. Even if your studio provides mats and props and you know that they are maintained and looked after well, invest in your own mat!

Why do you have to have your own mat?

When you practice yoga or Pilates, you stay in contact with your mat all the time. There is nothing worse than to be distracted by unpleasant smells of studio mat when you should be accepting the subtlety of meditative mind instead. Oh trust me, prone asanas such as 'child's pose' can be really uncomfortable as you don't know where to stick your nose.

Think of your mat like your phone, pair of headphones, maybe your car. Something you would not want to share with anyone and only you can make that special connection. Your practice mat is a part of you, your space, your life story.

We love ecoYoga!

We, at Yogida, strongly support philosophy of ecoYoga, UK company that manufactures eco-friendly mats. To us, ecoYoga is the most transparent company that offers the most ethical and sustainable options.

"At the heart of ecoYoga rests the belief that yoga and ecology are inextricably linked: both holding the potential to deepen our awareness and sensitivity – yoga to the body and inner self and ecology to our natural environment”.

There is no doubt that the ecoYoga mat was designed with care, respect and thoughtfulness toward the environment, the manufacturers and the students. ecoYoga mats are made from plant-based ingredients, 100% natural rubber compound and specifically selected jute weave therefore, they are fully biodegradable. 

While PVC (polyvinyl chloride) mats clutter and litter our world , ecoYoga mat will ultimately want to return to the earth. Take care of it as much as you can whilst it spends its life span with you.

ecoYoga mat has an excellent grip, provides great support, lasts long and easy to care. May the ecoYoga mat serves your practice.

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